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  • Coloring Contest
  • Art Via Vino (canceled for 2021)
  • Fat Tire bike race (canceled for 2021)
  • Arctic Bowling (TBD)

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Badger Park Story Stroll

Families can enjoy a stroll along the new trail in Badger Park beginning Monday, January 11, through Monday, January 18. The story A Day So Gray by Marie Lamba, is a sweet story that celebrates the beauty of winter and reminds us that there is much to appreciate about gray winter days. If your family is going to stop out, the first 35 families to call the community center before the walk will receive a s'more and hot chocolate bucket for four courtesy of Joey Nova's. Call the community center at 952.474.7635 to win your bucket!

Enjoy winter!

Things to do outside in the Arctic winter:

Frozen colored ice globes
You can add some magic and fun to your outdoor space by making colored ice globes. All you need to do is add a few drops of food coloring to the water in a water balloon and let them freeze (either outside or in the freezer). Once frozen, pop the balloon and you’re left with a beautiful ice globe in your color of choice. Take them outside to decorate or play with.

Frozen suncatchers
Suncatchers made from ice are not only beautiful, but super easy to make! Spend some time outside gathering natural items to use in your suncatchers. The more colorful the better. Examples: branches, berries, twigs, flowers, buds, leaves. Lay out a plastic lid, paper plate, pie plate or silicone mold to use as the mold for your suncatcher. Fill the mold with water and add your natural elements to the water in any design of your choosing. Leave outside for a few hours or overnight to freeze. Gently remove the ice suncatcher from the mold and hang from a tree branch or window sill. Pro tip: Rumor has it that if you want your ice to be crystal clear, boil the water first! 

Snow maze
If you’ve got an untouched patch of snow (a field or a large yard), have the kids create a snow maze! It’s up to them to come up with the parameters, the maze entrance, the obstacles, and the exit. Let them challenge each other to see who can make the hardest maze and see who can finish fastest.

Make snow ice cream
Snow ice cream is one of those special delicacies that every child should experience! It’s a magical mixture of nature, vanilla, sugar and sprinkles! What could be better than that? Our favorite recipe combines 1 cup milk/cream, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 8 cups clean snow. Mix all together, adding snow until you get the creamy consistency you want. Then top with sprinkles! Homemade snow ice cream on a cold day can’t be beaten!

Winter Hike
Collect items and make a nature collage.

Make Snow Candy
Place a bowl outside to collect fresh, clean snow. Once it’s full bring it inside and immediately pour pure maple syrup on.  The syrup will harden to make a sweet treat.